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Who is a medical coder or a clinical coder

What Is a Medical Coder?
A medical coder is, in essence, a translator. As part of the medical team, the medical coder reviews the patient’s file and translates everything from that file into universal codes required by insurance companies. It’s the medical coder’s responsibility to make sure the right code is used every single time.
Everything that happens with the patient is translated and coded. This includes everything from diagnosis and treatment, to what supplies were used. The coder also indicates if there were any unusual circumstances during the visit or procedure.
A medical coder is different from a medical biller. A medical biller processes the insurance claims and follows them. They do not determine what codes are used in the insurance billing. However, a medical coder and a medical biller can be the same person if they have the proper training
You may also want to pursue a medical coder certification during or immediately after your studies. While generally not required to apply for a job, having a certification can help you get ahead of the competition. And, even if you are hired without a certification, many employers will expect you to become certified soon after you start.